Commercial Metal Roofing

Although most of our metal roofing business is residential, Vassa Metal Roofing does offer metal roofing contracting for commercial buildings and / or institutional buildings such as churches, mosques and temples. In addition to these commercial metal roofing applications, Vassa Metal Roofing also has experience with metal roofing for strip malls, shopping plazas and other retail outlet stores within the St. Catharine’s, Niagara Falls, Welland, Jordan and Hamilton area.

For light commercial metal roofing needs as well as industrial building metal roofing needs, Vassa Metal Roofing provides low-maintenance solutions for commercial grade performance, while simultaneously enhancing the aesthetics of the building at hand. Efficient metal roof installation, metal roof durability & metal roof design flexibility make Vassa Metal Roofing products the ideal option for commercial buildings, saving significant amounts of time and giving you the ability to customize your structure to fit specific design needs. The wide range of Vassa Metal Roofing products, styles, trims and colors allows you to design your building exactly to your aesthetic specifications, while our product warranties and the latest metal roofing technologies we employ serve to maximize your investment.

For example, our suppliers’ line of highly reflective metal roofing products can significantly increase a commercial building’s energy efficiency, lowering the overall maintenance costs. Vassa Metal Roofing understands the critical nature of having a roof that prolongs the life of the building and how important this is for business owners and contractors. Our metal roofing installation quality always meets the requirements for various sloped roofs, building designs, shapes, loads and weather conditions, not excluding hurricanes, typhoons and long winters.