Metal Roofing Mississauga, Ontario

Commercial and residential clients in Mississauga, Ontario and surrounding cities turn to Vassa Metal Roofing for all of their metal roofing and steel roofing needs. We have a reputation for providing the best quality, longest lasting steel roofing and metal roofing systems. For more than 20 years we have been serving Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Ancaster, Dundas and Brantford, Ontario clients with friendly customer care, timely service and effective metal roofing and steel roofing. For both complicated and straightforward roofing tasks, Vassa Metal Roofing assures metal roofing and steel roofing solutions. Our steel roofing and metal roofing analysis helps us to supply you with a reasonable solution; we will assess your Mississauga, Ontario roofs current state, evaluate possible metal or steel roofing options, and work within your budget. Commercial metal roofing, residential metal roofing, and steel roofing for both residential and commercial use forms our lineup of roofing services.

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Residential Metal Roofing

Vassa Metal Roofing’s residential metal roofing comes with a limited lifetime warranty, will last throughout the years and is very attractive. We install only the highest quality residential metal roofing materials for our highly valued Mississauga, Ontario residential clients. The most sought after residential metal roofing styles that Vassa Metal Roofing supplies are metal shake roofing, steel roofing and metal tile roofing. Our residential metal roofing is available in a variety of colours so as to meet the unique requirements of our clients in and around Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Ancaster, Dundas, Brantford and Burlington, Ontario. For the sturdiest and most economical residential metal roofing in the roofing industry, rely on Vassa Metal Roofing. Whether you want to have new residential metal roofing installed, or your worn-out residential metal roofing replaced, choosing our Mississauga, Ontario residential metal roofing specialists is your best bet! Get in touch with us to learn more.

Vassa Metal Roofing provides improved aesthetics, superior quality performance, and low-maintenance solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in Mississauga, Ontario and surrounding cities that require metal roofing. Our commercial metal roofing products are available in a variety of styles, trims and colours, allowing you to design your commercial, industrial or institutional building to your exact specifications. For severe weather conditions such as long, cold winters in Mississauga, St. Catharines, Ancaster, Dundas, Oakville, Milton, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, Brantford and Burlington, Ontario, our commercial metal roofing quality meets the requirements, as well as for various building shapes, loads and designs:

  • Shopping plazas
  • Retail outlet stores
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • Temples
  • Strip malls
  • And more

Vassa Metal Roofing’s product warranties protect the investment you make towards our economical and modern commercial metal roofing. We appreciate the importance of a commercial or industrial business owner’s, institutional organization’s, or contractor’s need to have a metal roof that extends the life of their Mississauga, Ontario building. That’s why Vassa Metal Roofing offers our clients the ability to customize their structure, and save time and money, due to our commercial metal roofing durability, economical design flexibility, and efficient installation process.

When it comes to choosing a steel roofing contractor, craftsmanship, commitment to excellence and dependability are some very important factors to take into consideration. Vassa Metal Roofing offers just such characteristics. We guide each and every one of our esteemed customers in Mississauga, Ontario through our choices of steel roofs for their residential, industrial, commercial or institutional use. Our steel roofing is hard to beat as far as metal roofing products go. Our steel roofing can be finished with various coatings, textures and profiles ranging from steel, to painted, stucco veneers, polished steel and more. Vassa Metal Roofing’s steel roofing installation process in and around Mississauga, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Ancaster, Dundas and Brantford, Ontario can include affixing a vapour barrier to a plywood or concrete deck, prior to installing a liner panel to its surface. The liner panel incorporates a z-bar, insulation and a steel roofing cover sheet, providing complete vapour barrier protection, and allowing for a much shorter installation time than offered by other steel roofing contractors.

Metal Roofing Testimonials

Tony completed our gorgeous metal roof in 2006 and it still looks like new. When two areas of our roof were damaged by amateur window cleaners, he responded quickly to our service call. Great company to deal with and the owner takes great pride in his work.

Lawrence Tavolacci
Pine Ridge, Ontario

In the fall of 2014, Tony and his crew installed a metal roof which we purchased from the Roofman company. We could not have asked for a crew that was more hardworking, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. Tony was always available whenever any issues arose, and was able to resolve any difficulties, disagreements, or questions.

I have waited so long to post this review because we had longstanding problems with our old roof and wanted to make sure that the new one was working out. Almost a year later, we are very satisfied. (As a bonus, Tony is also a very interesting guy. A pleasure to talk to and to work with.)

Kitchener, Ontario

Give our experienced steel roofing team a call to discover why institutional organizations, residential homeowners, and commercial and industrial business owners in Mississauga, Ontario turn to us for the most reliable steel roofing in the metal roofing industry.

Interesting facts about Mississauga, Ontario:

  • Cities close to Mississauga are Brampton, Etobicoke, Milton and Georgetown
  • Mississauga is the sixth most populous city in Canada
  • Canada’s busiest airport, Pearson International, is located in Mississauga

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