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Vassa Metal Roofing is a metal roofing and steel roofing company that caters to the roofing needs of residential and commercial customers in and around Niagara Falls, Ontario. We take great pride in delivering superior quality and long-lasting steel roofing and metal roofing solutions. Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Ancaster, Dundas and Brantford, Ontario customers have depended on us for prompt service, practical steel roofing and metal roofing, and outgoing customer care for 20+ years. For both complicated and straightforward roofing tasks, Vassa Metal Roofing assures metal roofing and steel roofing solutions. Our metal roofing and steel roofing analysis includes assessing your Niagara Falls, Ontario roofs current status, evaluating possible steel or metal roofing options, and working within your budget to deliver a viable solution. We offer complete roofing services, which includes residential metal roofing, commercial metal roofing, and steel roofing for both commercial and residential applications.

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Residential Metal Roofing

Remarkably attractive, Vassa Metal Roofing’s residential metal roofing is durability guaranteed through our limited lifetime warranty. We install only the highest quality residential metal roofing materials for our highly valued Niagara Falls, Ontario residential clients. Metal tile roofing, metal shake roofing and steel roofing are the most popular types of residential metal roofing that Vassa Metal Roofing installs. To meet the one-of-a-kind needs of our Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Ancaster, Dundas, Brantford, Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario clients, our residential metal roofing is available in a wide range of hues. Depend on Vassa Metal Roofing for the most cost-effective and longest lasting residential metal roofing in the roofing industry. When it comes to installing new residential metal roofing in Niagara Falls, Ontario, or replacing existing residential metal roofing that is beyond repair, choosing our residential metal roofing experts is a sure thing! Give us a call to learn more.

Vassa Metal Roofing provides improved aesthetics, superior quality performance, and low-maintenance solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings in Niagara Falls, Ontario and surrounding cities that require metal roofing. Available in a range of trims, colours and styles, our commercial metal roofing products permit you to create your industrial, institutional or commercial building to your unique specifications. For severe weather conditions such as long, cold winters in Niagara Falls, Ancaster, Dundas, Brantford, St. Catharines, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Hamilton and Burlington, Ontario, our commercial metal roofing quality meets the requirements, as well as for various building shapes, loads and designs:

  • Shopping plazas
  • Retail outlet stores
  • Churches
  • Mosques
  • Temples
  • Strip malls
  • Restaurants
  • And more

Vassa Metal Roofing’s latest commercial metal roofing technology is affordable, and our product warranties serve to maximize your investment. Vassa Metal Roofing’s product warranties protect the investment you make towards our economical and modern commercial metal roofing. We know just how important a metal roof that prolongs the life of a Niagara Falls, Ontario building owned by a commercial or industrial business operator, or institutional organization is. That’s why Vassa Metal Roofing’s affordable design flexibility, efficient installation process and metal roof durability offer significant cost savings, time savings, and customized commercial metal roofing options to our clients.

When it comes to choosing a steel roofing contractor, craftsmanship, commitment to excellence and dependability are some very important factors to take into consideration. Vassa Metal Roofing offers just such strengths. We make the time to sit with each of our fantastic customers in Niagara Falls, Ontario to go over our selection of steel roofs for their industrial, commercial, institutional or residential building. For superior grade metal roofing, our steel roofing products are difficult to surpass. From stucco veneer to painted, steel or polished steel profiles, our steel roofing can be adorned with a variety of finishes, coatings and textures. Installing a vapour barrier to a concrete or plywood deck before affixing a liner panel to its surface can be included in Vassa Metal Roofing’s steel roofing installation process for clients in Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Oakville, Mississauga, Ancaster, Dundas and Brantford, Ontario. The liner panel incorporates a z-bar, insulation and a steel roofing cover sheet, providing complete vapour barrier protection, and allowing for a much shorter installation time than offered by other steel roofing contractors. Residential homeowners, institutional organizations and industrial and commercial business owners turn to us for the most dependable steel roofing in the metal roofing industry.

Metal Roofing Testimonials

I was extremely satisfied with the speed and the quality of work done by Vassa's employees! I liked that they worked they worked the weekend to get the job done. They did a great job of cleaning up each day. The roof looks great!!

Kitchener, Ontario

Beautiful new black steel roof installed with care and efficiency. They even work holidays and weekends to get the job done. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the craftsmanship and the high level expertise. Good clean-up after the job was done. Thanks to Tony and his crew!

Martin J.
Waterloo, Ontario

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Facts about Niagara Falls, Ontario:

  • Ships traveling the Great Lakes can bypass Niagara Falls by means of the nearby Welland Canal
  • Niagara Falls is within driving distance of St. Catharines, Hamilton and Ancaster
  • Niagara Falls has long been a source of inspiration for explorers, travelers, artists, authors and filmmakers

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