Steel Roofing

In terms of steel roof installation, the traditional process of dealing with steel roofing involves using a liner panel that is outfitted with a Z-bar & insulation, and then covered over with a coversheet lain before the steel roofing arrives. What the liner panel does is play the role of a vapour barrier below the steel roofing. Insulated wall panels are merged into a single unit. Because the liner, insulation and steel roofing cover sheet are merged into a single unit, the end result is a much shorter installation time than would otherwise be the case. The installation process for steel roofing can also include affixing vapour barriers directly to a plywood or concrete deck before insulating and installing a panel to the surface.

When it comes to quality steel roofing contractors, reliability, craftsmanship and commitment to excellence are some very important factors to be considered. In general, steel roofing is hard to beat as a metal roofing product. It can be adorned with various coatings, finishes, and textures and profiles ranging from polished steel to steel to painted to stucco veneers. Moreover, we at Vassa Metal Roofing will actually take the time to sit with each of our customers and guide them to hand-pick their steel roof preference.